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Swag Bag Offer - Melinda Le Photography

Style Unveiled member, Melinda Le does simply lovely work!  You've seen it in Danielle & Kyle's Gothic Fairytale Real Wedding.  Now you can create your own fairytale with Melinda by using her exclusive offer for our readers!

For this and many other offers from some of San Francisco's best wedding pros, download the Summer 2010 Swag Bag!


Swag Bag Offer - The Stylish Soiree

For this and many other offers from some of San Francisco's best wedding pros, download the Summer 2010 Swag Bag!


We've Moved!


So Sorry For the Silence Around Here!!

Hello :)  We wanted to apologize for the silence on our blog lately!  We are actually busy busy bees over here designing the NEW site for you and because of that, we have been a bit behind on our blogging.  The good news is that the new site will be up very soon (we're hoping this week!!!!) and we'll have TONS of great new real weddings, blog posts, wedding vendors, etc :)

In the meantime, please check out these blogs for inspiration (even though you probably already are):  Jomygoodness, Green Wedding Shoes, Wedding Chicks, 100 Layer Cake, Style Me Pretty.

Luv, Heather and Kimberly

Jun232010's Brilliant Idea!

We got a head's up just the other day from that we HAD to share with you!  Chances are... you and the majority of your friends are on Facebook.  So are most of your wedding vendors, we're sure!  Why not take a page out of Hollywood's book and create a Facebook PAGE for your wedding?  Different than your personal profile, a PAGE is what Facebook offers for brands, companies, movies, etc.  They are all the little suggestions on your sidebar for you to "like."  In just a few steps and completely for free, you can create a central place to distribute information, have photos, get tagged and let people who may not yet be friends on Facebook interact with your wedding all at the center.

To read's step by step instructions {including screen images!} visit their blog post about creating a Facebook page for your wedding.  Believe us, it's a total cinch!

While you're at Storkie's site, check out their wedding invites.  They have unbelievable turnaround times and the most adorable customizable options!  Even bridal shower invites, bachlor & bachelorette parties, and more.  Here are a few of my faves but you can play on their site and change all the details including making the bride, groom, & wedding party look like you!

P.S.  Anyone can view a page and like a page so be sure to share your new page with us!




In the Meantime... :)

We are hustling behind the scenes at Style Unveiled headquarters as we work to bring you a HUGE new and exciting change ;)

In the meantime, we've got some unbelievably gorgeous dresses to tide you over :)

From Lazaro:


Tips from San Francisco Floral Professionals ~ Choosing a Floral Design That is Right For You!

When your guests walk into your ceremony and reception site, most likely the flowers will be making a HUGE impact on the look and feel of your wedding day.  Sometimes choosing a floral design that is right for you can be hard ... I mean, there are SO many options for flowers out there!  Then, what vase to use?  How tall should the arrangements be?  Do you want them to all be the same or should you have different looks for different tables?  Ooof!!  It can be a daunting task.  Luckily, San Francisco has some of the best floral designers around and 3 of them have graciously offered their advice on choosing a style for your wedding day look:  Nancy Liu Chin, Martha Andrews, and Yasmin Zialcita Ali!

Nancy Liu Chin Designs

  1. Go through magazines and tear out real wedding flowers that you like and don't like
  2. Before meeting with a floral designer, browse through several websites so that you can get a general idea of what the floral designer's style is.  If you don't see enough images that convey what you are looking for, then move on to the next designer.  There are plenty of great designers, each with their unique style, so you are bound to find one you like.
  3. If you are on a budget which most couples are, during your floral design process, try to encourage your floral designer to shop what is the best at the market during the week of your wedding.  Let them have creativity to select unique things.  If you have to have something, that means that they have to "order" a specific flowers and that can drive the cost up.
  4. Understand what different styles mean to you.  What does Modern mean to you?  What does Timeless mean to you?  What does Rustic mean to you?  Before going to a meeting, try to decide what is not only your style but what suits the location and season.
  5. You don't have to know every single flower but if you have an allergy or you just don't like something, bring an image and explain what you don't like about it.
  6. If you want to do lighter flowers, remember that some will show "flaws" and "imperfections" more than others.  Keep in mind that many white flowers like delicate garden roses or gardenias tend to bruise.
  7. You don't need a degree in flowers, but just have to know what you like and don't like.  Find someone who is willing to listen, who can give you lots of creative ideas.
  8. The best floral designer is a good editor so give them lots of ideas and see what they think sticks.
  9. Avoid unusual blooms if you are on a tight budget.  Things that are imported and off crop may cost more.
  10. Nothing wrong with foliage.  Some foliage and branches are architectural interesting so encourage the use of foliage, branches and other things not necessarily just flowers.
Here is sample of what Nancy Liu Chin designed for Kristin and Peter's wedding:
  1. Be sure not to "fight" your venue when choosing the decor. If you are getting married at a Tuscon villa, pink princess is not your best bet. If you are getting married at a country inn, don't go stark modern. Stay with colors that compliment and enhance. I once had a bride getting married out in the country but she wanted a seaside theme, shells in vases, bouquet etc... while pretty at the coast, not so much under the large oaks.
  2. Unless you have an absolute favorite flower, a rose your grandmother always gave you on your birthday etc... give your designer the freedom to create your vision while using the best of what comes into the flower market the week of your wedding. While we will often move mountains to get just the right shade of dahlia for you, if it comes in and doesn't look fabulous, another flower in your style will do the job and look so much better. That's why you need to choose your designer and vendors that you trust. Check out their websites and even more their blogs to see current work, if you like it, trust them and give them the freedom to create.
  3. Have realistic expectations with you budget. You will find many budget calculators for your wedding, 10% for flowers, etc... but keep in mind those are not going to be accurate with the Martha Stewart issue you bring in with mammoth centerpieces, and 12 bridesmaids.
Here is a sample of what Martha Andrews designed for Nicole and John's wedding:
  1. Think of the experience you want to create for your wedding guests as they enter the space.  What mood do you want to set for them, what emotions do you want to evoke?  What's your color palette?  Think beyond simply matching the colors of your bridesmaids' dresses.
  2. Is the environment a concern for you with respect to floral design and decor?  Seek out a designer who is willing to offer eco-friendly design alternatives such as using a minimal number of stems, soy based candles and blooms sourced locally versus imported.
  3. In order to maximize value, prioritize areas of wedding decor in terms of length of time you and guests will enjoy them.  For example, a short 10 minute wedding ceremony might warrant less elaborate decor than a long 60 minute wedding ceremony.  
Here is a sample of what Yasmin of Wildflower Event Florals has designed:
We hope these priceless tips will help you in narrowing down the right floral style that is right for you :)  Some other great avenues to take when trying to be inspired ... our San Francisco real weddings page and of course our fabulous vendor directory, which lists amazing florists for your wedding needs!

Drink SF

I was SO excited when I came across this customized cocktail catering company, DRINK! They are innovative, skilled and nothing short of {FABULOUS}! I think the importance of a great cocktail often gets forgotten, which is such a shame!  Nothing says party like a drink tailored to you and your guests' tastes!  And... what fun it is to come up with the perfect name for it :)  

I {LOVE} what they are doing to create tailor-made cocktail lists, wine tastings and signature bars for your special day!!  They are all about incorporating ingredients from local producers and farmers who use sustainable practices!  How GREAT is that!? They definitely know what they are doing when it comes to crafting a customized cocktail!  They were kind enough to share a few of their favorite cocktails, perfect for a summer wedding!  Cheers! 

I can't wait to try out this cocktail, the Gin Blossom. It's pictured below on the left! LOVE Elderflower liqueur, {DELICIOUS}!

Gin Blossom

1oz Hangar One Buddha's Hand vodka
1oz #209 Gin
1/2oz Ste. Germain Elderflower liqueur
1oz Fresh squeezed Orange
1oz Fresh squeezed Meyer lemon (or regular lemons if meyer's aren't in season)
1/4oz Agave nectar (or simple syrup)

Shake and serve straight up, garnished with an edible orchid. Makes 1 drink.

And another one of their favorites, the Rye Club. I enjoy the addition of egg white to a cocktail!

Rye Club
2 oz sazerac single barrel straight rye whiskey
1 oz fresh squeezed lemon juice
1/2 oz fresh squeezed orange juice
1/2 oz grade b maple syrup
1/2 oz organic free range egg white (optional)
fee brothers orange & peychaud's bitteres

In a pint glass, combine all ingredients & shake without ice for 30 seconds to froth the egg white.  Fill the pint glass with ice and shake until cold.  Strain into a martini glass.  Top with 5 drops orange and 3 drops peychaud's bitters.



True Love, True Blood

There's no getting around it, Heather and I are simply in love with True Blood.  While Heather swoons over Eric, I'm more of a Bill girl.  Must be all that growing up in the South ;) 

Now, we're not going to spoil you on anything happening in the new season that premiered last night, but since last season ended with a marriage proposal from Bill to Sookie, we thought a styleboard along with a little eye-candy was in order.  We've found some darker items for your inner goth (speaking of goth, have your seen our most recent real wedding?) ;)  Our next post will return you to our regularly scheduled wedding programming!

1: Balmain Python & Crocodile Leather Dress  2: Lois Hill Granulated Key Pendant Necklace  3: The Envelope Clutch  4: Cesare Paciotti Tiered Platform Leather Sandals  5: Anndra Neen Cream Cuff 


A Casa Real Wedding Film from Studio MSV

So, in the lead up to Promises & Pearls, we're gonna be highlighting some of the wedding professionals who will be on hand at the soiree to meet with.

Wedding film maker, Andrew of Studio MSV is first up on our preview tour!  Wedding videos have come so far from what many people still think of.  Put out of your mind the junky old VHS coverage that they show on America's Funniest Home Videos.  Don't even think of that ;)  Today's wedding films are lush and artistic.  They play with abstract shots, interesting exposure and focus techniques, and tell stories of the day and the couple that are so much more impactful and moving.

In just the four minute clip below, Andrew is able to show not only key moments of Amy & Kendall's wedding day {the getting ready, the first look, the ceremony, the first dance & cake cutting} but he tells the story inside the moments: the personalities of the groomsmen {you know that guy that has the Super Mario One Up cufflinks} the nervous laughter before the first kiss, a few moments of peace in the day as the couple enjoys the vineyards at Casa Real.

Enjoy the video below, rethink what your wedding film can be, and come meet us along with Andrew at Promises & Pearls!

luv, Kimberly


Jade Rose Designs

Glue-y fingers, clumpy feathers, precarious construction... all of these things would apply to what I would assemble if I even attempted to re-create the magnificent looks that Jade Rose Designs crafts.  Let alone... since when do I know how to find gorgeous feathers and embellishments without spending epic amounts of time researching?  Avoid having an elementary school craft project on your head.  Your friends will be too afraid to hurt your DIY-ing feelings to urge you against it.  Instead, stick with a professional artist to create your wedding day hairpieces.  Designer Jade Didricksen makes delicate creations that whisper glamour.

With designs starting at $18 and topping out at $185, she doesn't make you want to run for the glue gun!

Enjoy some of my favorites from her Etsy shop.  Descriptions and links are provided beneath for easy shopping ;) {prices reflect Etsy listings as of 6.9.2010}

Love the jewelry and dresses that you're seeing?  Credit goes to the magnificent Agnes Crafts & Sarah Seven.

Luv, Kimberly

Vintage Feather Hairpiece

Above: Lovely Evie Bridal Feather Flower - $50

Vintage Feather Hairpiece

Above: Bridal Bow - $25

Vintage Feather Hairpiece

Above Left: Cora Bridal Cocktail Hat & Fascinator - $125

Above Right: Classic Romance Cocktail Hat - $85

Vintage Feather Hairpiece

Above: Bridal Cocktail Hat / Headband with Large Ivory Feather Flower - $110

Vintage Feather Hairpiece

Above: Bridal Cocktail Hat / Headband with Large Ivory Feather Flower - $110

Vintage Feather Hairpiece

Above Upper: Paris White Hair Comb - $50

Above Lower: Rhinestone Deco Comb - $45

Vintage Feather Hairpiece

Above: L'Ange Rhinestone Double Feather Flower - $95


Bride in the City: Brittany Rosendahl

Style Unveiled, as hard as we try, knows that sometimes it takes a woman who's walking in your same 'heels' to help with something like planning a day as big as a wedding.  And while we will always be here to help with inspirational photos, real weddings, vendor suggestions, venue ideas, our Perfect 10 lists, and more ... we want to bring you something priceless ... Advice from brides who are doing the same as you (right now!!) ... PLANNING THEIR WEDDING :)  Our new addition, Bride in the City will give you inside info from other brides in Northern California to help you along the way and make you feel like you're not the only one :)  So ... get ready to bond with Bride in the City guest: Brittany Rosendahl

November 16, 2009

November 6, 2010


Our photographer is Jessica Moores with Stout Photography.
Wedding planner is Kim Berry with Berry Bliss Designs.
Bakery is Ettore's in Sacramento, CA.


Our wedding venue is Winchester Country Club in Meadow Vista, CA.  My parents live here and the views are absolutely breathtaking. It also reminds me of my family and home.

I am the most excited to see Mike's reaction when he first sees me walk down the aisle.


The weather! Our ceremony is outside.

I was inspired by the cover of my journal I write in.  Colors will be classic black and white with pops of a deep lavender color accented with the Damask print.

Yes, I did. I am planning a wedding that is out of state, and there was no way on my own I could do this. Kim has been amazing!

We want to go to the Dominican Republic.

Absolutely love the budget calculator on the, they also send you monthly emails with updates of what you should be doing.

He in charge of the honeymoon and the tuxedos for all of the men.

Savor every moment... even the stressful ones. It is truly flying by soo fast and you don't want to miss a moment of it.

No! I am too traditional. I want the first moment he sees me in my dress to be when I am walking down the aisle.

Excited, loved, and happy.


{DARLING} engagement session eye-candy submitted to us by Stout Photography

Do you want to be a 'bride in the city' on our site?  Simply click here to apply!